F.H. Medical College




                “To develop outstanding medical skills in medical student and produces good medical fraternity to provide standard health care services to our citizens”

To make the world a better place by generating outstanding health care providers with superior intelligence, high ethical values & moral codes, and give something of value back to the society.


The college’s mission is to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes that promote professionalism, teamwork, life-long learning, empathy,  scholarship, cultural sensitivity, and leadership, with the goal of  providing excellence in education, health care and research within the   centre of learning and  preparing students for academic pursuits, medical professional training, enhanced personal lives and responsible global citizenship; extending frontiers of knowledge through relevant interdisciplinary Research; fostering an intellectual culture that bridges basic science and clinical practice; contributing to enhance the health of the humanity.

                “Medicine heals doubts as well as diseases.” Karl Marx


  • To perform integrated interdisciplinary teaching and research with the highest level of ethics and professionalism, to meet the needs of stakeholders; and be responsive to changing global trends.
  • To promote and defend the freedom of thoughts, academic enquiry, expression and association.
  • To demonstrate sensitivity for student welfare and staff needs, and to practice environmental stewardship to the highest standards.
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